Refinishing My 1930's Farmhouse

painting refinishing hardwood floor shiplap

For my first blog post, I’ve been racking my brain on where to begin... sharing a customer’s home project, one of the rooms in my 1930’s farmhouse, something to do with the boutique? I just couldn’t decide…

I think I’ll begin in my farmhouse master bedroom. It’s one of my favorite rooms even though it’s not 100% finished. And when I say 100%, I mean it doesn’t even have the closet doors up yet, but I still love it!

Before I let you see the pretty stuff, I get to awe you with the crazy stuff! Yes, you read that correctly-- the Crazy Stuff. Take a look at this, and pay special attention to those floors.

Is that a rainbow on the ceiling?!?! Why, yes! It is!


You know what else I see? Some awesome hardwood floors! So they have layer after layer of paint… and sealant… and I really think the previous owner painted yet another layer. But, underneath all those layers is a gorgeous floor. Now with all this being said, I give the previous lady of the house props-- whoever she is. She had some talent, and the detail she put into the painting is so amazing. I took a lot of photos. However, this is not the look I am going for, if you know what I mean. :)

So I decided to start this daunting task of sanding floors and ripping out sheet rock. And do you know what’s under it?


Gorgeous, perfect shiplap.  This was probably the most difficult floor to strip in the whole farmhouse because of all the sealant. It was a hot mess. When I say that, I mean it was 100 degrees outside. Hot. Sweaty. Only someone with some serious love and determination would do this. I can say I really don’t know that I would do it again. Wait, who am I kidding? Yes, I would. The before and after results are addictive!



You've seen the before. Are you ready for the after?


It’s coming along nicely! I left the pipes exposed on the right side wall. The floor stain is Special Walnut which the floors soaked it up. I love how dark it is, but the wood grain is still visible. I splurged and bought all the signs in my master bedroom from Hobby Lobby. I know, I know… If you’re a customer of mine, you're asking, "Lindy, why didn’t you make them yourself?" They were so perfect, I just had to have them. My grey fur pillow is so regal and fancy, right? I got it at 5 Below for $5! I just couldn’t pass it up either.

This glass water bucket almost got thrown away several times during the clean up… I knew it would come in handy.


There you have it! My Farmhouse Master Bedroom!


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