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Junksperation Lindy MurphyGrowing up with a large family, it seemed there was always some kind of chaos and a mess. So when I bought my first home at 18, I wanted it to be perfect! My son, Cayden, was a newborn, and we were young and broke, of course. But, I wanted my two bedroom-one bath house to look great! Some of my family members gave me left over home décor they no longer used or needed. I checked Home Depot weekly to see what color "oops paint" they had in stock! I'm pretty sure every room in that first little house was a different color, but I loved it!!

These days, I live by the motto 'less is more'. I bought an old 1930's farmhouse last year and am slowly redoing. All the rooms in my home are painted grey with white trim and dark floors.... well except for my daughter's room which is bright turquoise. :-) I have a wood pile that I can't bare to get rid of because 'what if' always pops into my mind, and I never know what I will be doing next. But, I also have a secret addiction to chocolate and long naps.

I'm obsessed with design and home improvement. I just love making my surroundings beautiful with inspired design and hard work. I love walking into a home and getting that welcoming feeling. So when customers contact me, I can't wait to get in there and transform their space! 

Junksperation Lindy and kidsI also love my boutique, Junksperation, located in Farmersville. It's my third child. Cayden & Jojo of course are my first two children. And, let's not forget Miss Kitty. She holds down the fort when I'm not there. The boutique has small town charm with a funky, modern vibe, and we are proud of our affordable services and products. 

We are experts in interior painting & custom furniture refinishing. We specialize in interior painting & custom furniture refinishing jobs of all kinds. From framing out mirrors or painting walls to building something special and unique just for you, no job is too big or too small.

At our one-of-a-kind boutique, we offer custom furniture, home decor, gifts, Junksperation Storeclothing & accessories. Shop with us for womens', mens' & childrens' clothing, plus sizes, gifts, and home decor. Try our homemade bath products: bath bombs, salts, lotions & scrubs.

At Junksperation, we make all of your design projects come true! Please stop by or contact us for a quote. 

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